Viewing Scan Status

Once you have initiated a scan, the results from that scan are not available until after it has completed. This can take up to 30 minutes. You can check the status of a scan by making one of the following requests, depending on the type of scan.

Scan Type

Source Application Scan

GET base_url/api/sourceApplications/{appID}/scans

Where {appID} is the application ID of the application being scanned.

Mobile Application Scan

GET base_url/api/mobileApplications/{mobileAppID}/scans

Where {mobileAppID} is the application ID of the mobile application being scanned.

Response Status Fields

The response to your request contains a status field. This field can have one of four values:

  1. Scan Running
  2. Failed
  3. Initial Scan Complete - Configuration in Progress
  4. Complete

Once the scan has completed, you can view the findings by making the following request:

GET base_url/api/findings

You can use the Vuln API v1.0 and SourceVuln API v1.0 APIs to retrieve more detailed information on each vulnerability found in your application.