API Response Codes

You will receive a response code each time you make a request using an API in the WhiteHat Dynamic API suite. We use conventional HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request.

Overview of Response Code Ranges



API Rate Limiting

To ensure service stability and to prevent abuse, rate limits have been implemented on all WhiteHat Dynamic platform APIs. These limits allow 3000 requests originated from single source IP address identified by x-forwarded-for header over a ten second period. If you exceed a rate limit when using any of our APIs, WhiteHat Dynamic will return a slow response with error HTTP 500 Internal Server Error. This continues until the evaluation window has passed.

Comprehensive List of Response Codes

Especially in the case of errors, the exact response code reveals much more about the nature of problems, which facilitates remedial action. There are many online resources with full lists of HTML response codes and associated instructions for identifying what has gone wrong. Refer to the following open source example: