Chaining Requests

Chaining API requests is a technique where you programmatically make multiple API requests to perform a particular function, with each request feeding subsequent requests.

Using a REST API client like Postman, you can create a workflow that makes a request to one of the WhiteHat Dynamic API operations, then uses the information contained in the response to make a request to a different operation. For example, using the WhiteHat Dynamic APIs, you can create a workflow that contains API requests to:

  1. Check if a name is available for a new mobile application.
  2. Create the mobile application.
  3. Create the scan instance.
  4. Provide credentials for the scan.

Once this workflow is created, users can then call that workflow to make all of the API requests included in the workflow, rather than having to make each API request individually. This automation reduces the need for manual intervention, and so reduces the potential for errors to be made in the process.